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Website Review – Mozy

by admin on October 26th, 2011

Denver Web Design Review –

Hi.  I am a customer of, and I am very happy with their product and service. 

In this blog post, I am going to review their web design and give feedback on specific areas that are critical for converting online traffic into sales.  Enjoy!

denver web design

Denver Web Design Criteria #1- Get attention

The first thing I look for is a headline and sub-headline that captures attention.  Mozy has a rotating 6 page Jqwery slide show that does this well.

Denver Web Design Criteria #2 – Identify the problem

Mozy's pain trigger is pretty clear: data loss; they do a good job with this.

Denver Web Design Criteria #3 – Present your credentials

Mozy is a little thin here, I would suggest they redesign the page to include some, "as seen on…" or other forms of credentials.

Denver Web Design Criteria #4 – Show the benefits

The Jqwery slides are packed with benefits for small business owners and individuals.  Mozy does a great job with this. :)

Denver Web Design Criteria #5 – Give social proof

Though Mozy has social proof in the slides, I would like to see a place above the fold where they show logos of featured clients or rotating round of testimonials.

Denver Web Design Criteria #6 – Make your offer/Call to Action

Mozy clearly makes an offer, as "Sign up for Mozy."  I think the copy is weak, but the button is green for "GO," and it is prominently displayed.

Denver Web Design Criteria #7 – Give a guarantee

Mozy flunks on this one.  They could give a 24-hour phone support guarantee or something.  A guarantee is critical for risk reversal.

Denver Web Design Review – Overall Thoughts

In general, I would give a "B" for their design.  I give them kudos for the clean design and above-the-fold design.

Here is what needs to be improved in their web design…

  • Credentials
  • Social proof
  • Guarantee


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